Terrifying/awesome deepfake video casts Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr in Back To The Future

In the words of Jasper Beardly: “What a time to be alive.” A bewildering video of Spider-Man: Homecoming shows leads Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr seamlessly ‘deepfaked’ into a scene from Back To The Future. See for yourself below, and tremble at man’s folly.

Created by internet sorcerer EZRyderX47, the clip is pretty short, but it still manages to do in about a minute and a half what films like The Irishman and many Marvel flashback scenes have merely attempted: fully grafting an actor’s face onto a character’s body.

As the Marty/Tom hybrid itself notes: “Woah, this is heavy.” The clip has quickly racked up around 3 million views, with reactions ranging from wonder to outright terror.

Whether the controversial ‘deepfake’ technology used to make this lighthearted, experimental video has more sinister implications for the future of filmmaking arts and sciences, at least we can say we got a terrified giggle out of it at this early stage of its development. Once it starts really taking off though, we better get ready to McFly away from this cursed earth.