To Stay Alive: A Method

To Stay Alive: A Method

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Documentary in which France's bestselling novelist, Michel Houellebecq, and music icon Iggy Pop join forces to discuss art and survival. More

"The struggling artists, many with mental problems, featured in Houellebecq's manifesto (also titled ‘To Stay Alive – A Method') and in the film, are genuine - although anonymous. As a young man, Iggy read Houellebecq's essay and recognised his own life story. A long-term fan, when the opportunity arose for Iggy to collaborate with the author, he didn't hesitate. He reads excerpts, lounging on the steps of his Miami home, talks direct to camera, and chats with Houellebecq (who also appears as a character in the film). The author describes his text as "a weak and clear signal to those on the point of giving up." The film is a surprisingly playful and stylish exploration of insanity, survival and creativity." (Sydney Film Festival)

201670 minsNetherlandsEnglish and French with English subtitles
Arno Hagers ('The Potato Eaters', 'Last Words', 'Regrets')Erik Lieshout ('Last Words', 'Regrets')Reinier van Brummelen ('Last Words')
Erik Lieshout
Michel HouellebecqIggy Pop

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