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BY Mriceguy nobody

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

No stranger to rewriting history, Tarantino takes on the Manson murders but it really is just a mere backdrop for what is a trip through the golden age of Hollywood with literal recreations of old film and television.

Starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio; a veritable dream team of Hollywood heartthrobs and neither of whom is a stranger to the Tarantinoverse. We have a snivelling DiCaprio as Rick Dalton, a fictional Hollywood actor famous for a Western... More television show who has now fallen from a leading man to taking on cameo villain roles. Pitt is Cliff Dalton, a cool, calm and collected stuntman for Dalton and he's never looked hotter. 55 years old for goodness sakes. Margot Robbie portrays real actress, Sharon Tate, but spends most of the film disconnected from our duo and the main plot—an ethereal angel floating throughout Hollywood, observing herself as the world sees her.

My favourite piece of cameo casting would have to be Timothy Olyphant as the stock hero in a Western opposite DiCaprio. No stranger to the TV Western, Olyphant takes up the literal reigns once again, having previously starred in HBO's Deadwood and a more modern Western in FX's Justified.

Tarantino lets this film bloat, with extensive scenes of characters driving from A to B. It's merely an excuse to explore 1969 LA and a bit of easy breezy fun but I reckon you could still chop this film up and still have room to breathe. For a film based around a cult of murderers it's a pretty relaxed affair. Tarantino is known for his use of violence and you might be forgiven for thinking he's lost his meanstreak here. But it does eventually escalate and boy does it escalate.

That all being said, the misogyny in this film is pretty hard to miss. And it's not just the treatment of Sharon Tate. Women are objects without agency; seen through a male lens as the camera traverses their bodies. Women are made out to be 'hysterical' and brutally murdered for laughs. Yes 1969 was a different time but this movie came out in 2019 and still fantasizes about a time of hyper masculinity where men where men and women were seen and not heard.

As lightly enjoyable as it was, for me anyway, this film serves as a jumping off point to learn about the real history of Hollywood and not a history romanticised or rewritten.Hide

BY arlomclean superstar

What I said to myself about half way through watching Tarantino's latest was "where is this going?" that feeling continued all till the ending and I honestly feel I got as much out of the trailer as I did the movie itself. Its well made and acted, so on paper good, but its completely bloated and has no actual narrative. Plus a few controversial elements make this one more off a miss then a hit.

Yes two great actors, B Pitt and L di Caprio, they have such amazing timing. A long movie and a number of laughs. The violence was over the top.

BY Oscarsm nobody

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is perhaps not Tarantino's best work but it is certainly a fantastic film, meeting the high standard he has set for himself over the years. Leonardo di Caprio and Brad Pitt both give outstanding performances in their leading roles and Tarantino develops deep, multilayered characters through his somewhat unconventional method of storytelling (which seems to have become something of a signature, each film being told in it's own offbeat fashion. Once Upon a Time in... More Hollywood is very long and some might even say too much so, and too pandering but personally I was engaged throughout. I was intriuged as to where it was all going, particularly with Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate. Tarantino's twists on history continue to impress here and I found the final act to be very, very rewarding. The camerawork and lighting is all absolutely spot on and the introduction of some scenes from Rick Dalton's films within the film is a clever and engaging way to flesh out his character, the aged looking footage is used to great effect. Highly recommended, unless you have a strong dislike for Tarantino's previous films. I was lucky enough to see this film at the Flicks preview screening and the night did not disappoint.Hide

BY Jez nobody

2.5 hours of my life I wont get back. Seriously, what rubbish. Don't be blindly led just because its Tarantino. Worst movie Ive seen in years, and Flicks should be ashamed of giving it 4/5 rating.

BY zactor6 nobody

Ever since I heard about this film an it's plot I was intrigued on whether Quentin Tarantino would be able to create another cult classic. I was lucky enough to be invited to a preview screening of the film by Flicks and one thing I could definitely say after walking out of the theatre is this film does not disappoint. The cast is great with DiCaprio and Pitt making a memorable and dynamic duo that makes you wonder why this is only their first performance together. This film really is... More Tarantino's love letter to Hollywood in the 1960s with so many references to the time. Although the film takes place across only 2 days and 1 crazy night it's a must-see for any avid or casual moviegoer. What you can expect from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is a film filled with lots of laughs, a story of two best friends and of course, classic Tarantino gore.Hide

BY Lewi3 nobody

As an 18 year old my experience of Hollywood in the 60s is as legitimate as Tarantino's next RomCom yet still this film was a blast. Despite the lack of nostalgia that this film no doubt delivers to people of the time I still vicariously felt tarantino's love and admiration for this unique and sometimes significant period of history and film. Whilst some tarantino die hards may find the lack of 'Tarantino-ness' in this film a let down despite the rewarding climax Once upon a time... in... More Hollywood solidifies Tarantinos ability to defy, revitalise and reinvent the less loved genres like no other. Once Upon a TIme... in Hollywood manages to push modern cinema forward whilst looking back and perfectly encapsulates with childish admiration the true fairy tale that was Hollywood in the 60s.Hide

Not quite a Manson murder story and not quite an exploration of a fading Hollywood star, it's a bit of a mish-mash that doesn't quite know what it wants to be, so settles for being a good time. Tarantino continues to under-serve his female characters (except their feet, which are over-served) but at least recognises that watching Brad Pitt driving around sunny LA is somehow everyone's happy place.

For a while, I have been considering becoming a hippy. Something about the cheap laced joints and warm sunny days of LA has always inspired this fantasy. That was until Once Upon a Time in Hollywood... Tarantino always manages to make the taboo acceptable, brutally sweeping aside the modern political correctness that has swept Hollywood. Despite it's the length, staggering beyond 2 hours and a half, at least Tarantino makes the most of this sun-drenched film. Brad Pitt is my new style icon,... More Margot Robbie maintains her doll like perfection and Leonardo Dicaprio is awkwardly compelling as an actor with self esteem issues. Thank you Zoe Bell for the Kiwi class. I think you were the star. Sorry about the car... Overall a great film.Hide

Reminds me of Jackie Brown in the way that it doesn't feel crowd-pleasing but does feel like the cinematic conveyance of Tarantino's hyper-enthusiasm. I don't think I'd want it any other way,

Alfred Hitchcock remarked that if he directed Cinderella, “the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.” Quentin Tarantino also faces this curse of being a typed director. In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, what might have felt shockingly cathartic in someone else’s film feels underwhelming and anticlimactic. Without giving too much away, it has the lowest body count of any Tarantino film by far. But maybe that’s the point. (It will certainly come as a relief to... More those who feared an exploitative Charlie Mason gore-fest.)

The film feels oddly benevolent. It’s an affectionate film, and not just towards Tarantino’s retro musical and cinematic fetish objects as we’d expect, but towards its characters, real and fictional. But is it enjoyable? As with the Coen Brothers’ Hail Caesar, it depends whether you have enough goodwill towards the filmmakers, and similar enough sensibilities, to go along with their indulgent bit of Hollywood time travel for its own sake, and not ask for much in the way of narrative action.

Intimate and relatively low-stakes, maybe in hindsight this will be called the first film of Tarantino’s mature period. You can’t call it “restrained,” though. The film’s as baggy as a hippie’s trousers, and the small scale of its action doesn’t justify the epic runtime more befitting a film like Inglorious Basterds. That said, there are worse places for film lovers to spend two and half hours than Tarantino’s recreation of 1969 Hollywood. Just make sure you choose a theatre with quality projection and sound, respectful audiences, and comfortable seats.

So let’s say Tarantino offers you a ride through the Hollywood hills in a shabby old car, and the steering is unwieldy, and some stuffing’s coming out of the seats and a spring might poke you in the ass now and then, and the engine will cough and sputter and Tarantino won’t stop shut up and you’ll probably have to stop and change a tire at some point, and you’re going nowhere in particular. But hey, it’s called the scenic route for a reason, and you know there’ll be some killer tunes on the radio. You’re getting in the car, right?Hide

BY dames nobody

I enjoyed the film, not the usual Tarantino style we're all used to. But one thing I will say as with all his movies, it got a kick ass soundtrack...The music is on point!! It could of had more of that Tarantino flair we all know and love though. Is it my favourite QT movie at of the now nine he's done...?? No. Would I watch it again...?? Definitely!! Will I get it on Blu-ray... ?? Hell yeah. I give it a solid 4 stars.

BY Shirlo48 nobody

Thx for the free flicks tickets, without letting the surprise ending be known , as Tarantino has asked reviewers to not do so, this is a surprising movie albeit long, with a great twist in true Tarintino violent style. Many hints were dropped as to the time and period the movie was in, reflecting on the 50 and 60s period, but this was a brilliant homage to old time Hollywood. I’ve reaf all the reviews before attending the premiere and was surprised as to the parallels of the time period in... More LA, bring on the cool music, hippies, drive in movie, the Charles Manson gang, the Sharyn Tate movies and her life, and the TV shows and music played were a fabulous reflection of the times. This soundtrack was magnificent with many jingles and had car tunes from the 50s to the 60s. Although quite long and at times drawn out, confusing and slow, the movies ending was dynamite. And a little surprising. Brads acting in the ending scenes were so funny. All the way through Brad Pitt was sexy and smooth much like his Oceans character , so cool and suave, but he was a standout actor. Leo had the amazing accent and movie star persona. But Bratt was pure Oscar gold - sorry Leo fans. This is a must see if you like the quirky style of the director and throw in some groovy tunes and Hollywood street signs, cars and costumes, magnificent. I see every Hollywood movie and this was a pure hit. Be prepared for an interesting story of a Hollywood actor and his sidekick .........plus enjoy the music.Hide

BY Logg nobody

Tarantinos 9th film in great tradition ,is Indulgent, Hilarious, Stylish, Shocking & also a wonderful trip to L.A. The teaming of Brad Pitt & Leo DiCaprio is fantastic. Brad is arguably the show stopper of the pair with his portrayal of Cliff “I’m a stuntman” Booth. A thoroughly likeable character. Not to take away from Leo’s Rick Dalton who also puts in an amazing performance as the eternally sensitive rough and ready not quite washed up actor. Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate could have... More been given a bit more screentime but portrays the young starlet well with wide eyed excitement of her imminent super stardom. It is long ,meandering at times with an uneasy trip to the playboy mansion & many long driving sequences which I guess could have been made shorter. However Los Angeles is another fantastic featured character in the film and driving in L.A. blasting the radio (cue soundtrack) is simply a huge part of it. The art direction design left me California dreaming for simpler times with cooler cars. Special mention goes out to Cliffs dog Brandy,and the Bruce Lee fight sequence. A wonderful mash up of period piece meets crazy Hollywood fiction fairytale. Loved it.Hide

As a fan of Tarantino and Brad Pitt I was hoping to enjoy this movie. I freaking loved it. Leonardo Dicaprio was amazing, Brad Pitt was brilliant and Margot Robbie was simply perfect as Sharon Tate. I loved the old Hollywood vibe, the humor, the brilliant little homages to so many things. Thanks so much flicks.co.nz for giving me the opportunity to attend one of your preview screenings. The applause at the end of the movie was so well deserved!

Dense. Sprawling. Long. Hilarious. Problematic. I've changed my mind about it several times already and it feels a bit too big to wrap my arms / brain around. But the further I get from it the more I think it might be a masterpiece.

BY Judd22 lister

Loved this film. Some have said slow in parts. But I loved the way it let us get lost in the world QT had created/recreated.

BY angelaj nobody

I was a bit nervous heading into this movie at 2 hours 40 minutes long, I am not very good at sitting still that long, but I didn't have anything to worry about, the time flew as the movie is great. Loved the characters, their story and their flaws. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio make a great team. Had us guessing on how it was all going to end, and it doesn't disappoint. Loved it.

An enjoyable if slightly slow and meandering film with all the carefully laid "Once upon a time..." groundwork culminating in the last 20 minutes. My 22 year old daughter who accompanied me said she found the plot difficult to follow, but for me it was a trip down memory lane having lived through that era. My favorite part was the excellent portrayal of Bruce Lee with the same arrogant patronizing patois and mannerisms. Also notable was the party at the Playboy mansion with A-lister guests... More including Michelle Phillips, Cass Elliot, & Steve McQueen - the notable exception being the pajama clad host. TV series of the era like Bonanza & the Virginian come in for their mention with FBI & Manix getting their own cameos. Sharron Tate visiting a movie theatre to watch herself play the klutz in the Matt Helm (Dean Martin) movie "The Wreaking Crew" is again a not to be missed moment. Another favorite part to be looked for is the alternative casting of Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) playing the part of "The Cooler King" in The Great Escape. Along with the considerable name dropping throughout this movie (ie Telly Savallas, & Efrem Zimbalist Jr) more is hinted at than actually revealed, for instance there is only a brief excerpt on the radio of Walter Cronkite mentioning the Vietnam War. Just like when Cliff Booth (Pitt) visits the Spahn Ranch and gets to meet "Squeaky" Fromme & "Tex" Watson but Charles Manson is absent at the time. It is from that point on though that the movie finally starts to take direction and point towards it's climax.Hide

BY Kler nobody

Once Upon A Time... in Hollywood is truly enjoyable... if you're a Tarantino fan. If you're not, you'd probably be bored right up until the last 45 minutes. Take note of the music, take note of the advertising placements, the costumes, the dialogue, the props, the cinematography - this guy is just a massive film buff making god damn great films.

BY Newt superstar

Whilst ardent fans of Tarantino's movies may not warm to this due to a meandering plot and a focus on paying homage to old school cop TV shows and spaghetti westerns, there is much to like. Pitt's Cliff Booth and DiCaprio's Rick Dalton being good pals and Margot Robbie playing a free-spirited Sharon Tate are indelible long after the 2hr 40min run time. Also contains several patented DiCaprio over-the-top implosion sequences.

BY rosebud nobody

Felt more like a distillation of a time rather than a well-told story. It's indulgent, problematic and twee at times, but also beautiful with strong performances (apart from a couple of very broad cameos).

BY NicolasZ nobody

Great movie! Hollywood looks awesome, great picture and music.

BY Moose lister

Meandering and disappointing for a long awaited return. I see where Tarantino was going with it, one of his typical homages with re-written history and plenty of cameos and side-scenes that were obviously on his bucket list. Good performances in the lead roles by Pitt and DiCaprio but overall it didn't have the sharpness or intensity and great dialogue we know and love in his other great movies. Meandering.

BY kingzeus nobody

If your a true Tarantino fan you will dig this film. In depth dialogue, total immersion of the era, outstanding large cast and a finale well worth the wait! DiCaprio on point and Pitt is outstanding! Go get your tickets

It's a little overindulgent in parts but aren't all Tarantino films? Trim ~20 minutes off this and I'd be giving it 5 stars. I'd watch a spin off series just on Brad Pitt's stunt double character the guy oozes charisma and I can only hope to be a fraction as handsome when I get to his age :p Leo is great too just a shame the two of them spend a lot of the film apart from each other. The ending is deliriously mental in all the best ways - even if it doesn't quite follow how the real life events... More played out.. it's fun imagining that's how it went. There's not much of a story per se.. but I was content to hang out in this fairy tail world of late 60s Hollywood that Tarantino so lovingly recreates.Hide

Classic Tarrantino without classic Tarrantino. The cinematography and direction is very Tarrantino as is the homage to the 'golden era' of cinema, however the classic Tarrantino splatter is less evident for much of the film. Because of this there would be people who may see this as slow and non eventful movie, but I for one enjoyed it. DiCaprio and Pitt are steller as you'd expect and as such carry much of the film on their shoulders.

As the title implies, ‘Once Upon a Time…’, is a fantasy of a Hollywood that may never have existed.

But then, rewriting history as fairy-tale is nothing new to Tarantino. Hell, ‘Inglourious Basterds’ ended with the assassination of Hitler and his top brass at a movie premiere.

A rose-tinted recreation of late Sixties California, featuring real characters, from Bruce Lee (Mike Moh) and Steve McQueen (Damian Lewis, with one of the best lines in the movie: "I never had a chance"),... More mingling with Tarantino’s fictional creations, TV actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt-double, Cliff Booth, (Brad Pitt).

Way too long, at times veering uncomfortably close to sexualising Charles Manson’s underage, teen followers, there’s a lot to criticise, including an overtly white, male cast, a treatment of women that veers from misogynistic to wildly misogynistic, and a world in which people of colour pretty much only show up to park the protagonists cars.

It’s no ‘Pulp Fiction’ and it’s unlikely to convert any Tarantino-haters to his oeuvre, but if you like Quentin’s style, it’s a beautifully shot and acted. So as long as you’re on board to spend time in Tarantino-land, the indulgent run-time doesn’t matter, and for once the wall-to-wall pop-culture references really fit. From the costumes to the music, it’s a poptastic portrayal of 1960s kitsch.

Amongst a host of cameos, it’s Kiwi, Zoë Bell who steals the show, despite the presence of heavy hitters from Kurt Russell through Dakota Fanning, Timothy Olyphant, Emile Hirsch, Lena Dunham, Bruce Dern, the late Luke Perry, and Al Pacino as Rick’s round-spectacled agent, Marvin “it’s pronounced Shwars” Schwarz trying to rescue his client’s career slump by getting him to move to Italy and make spaghetti westerns.

There are so many pop culture, movie and US TV show references and myriad connections to Tarantino’s work, it’s like the director has established his own Marvel-style multiverse. Talking of which - stay for the end-credits and you’ll catch a witty link to past Tarantino fare.

With knowing nods to reality and fantasy, the experience is one of walking through a dizzying hall of self-referential meta-mirrors. It’s perhaps best summed up by a scene in which Brad Pitt’s Cliff lands a role on ‘The Green Hornet’ TV show, and fights a big-mouthed, egotistical Bruce Lee.

A crazy scene that pretty much encapsulates the whole film.

‘One Upon a Time…’ is Tarantino celebrating Tinseltown as both a fan and an auteur. It’s a love letter, a satire, a joyous romp and a fond farewell to a Hollywood that may only have ever existed in a young video store worker’s fevered imagination.

In the end it’s a buddy movie, with DiCaprio and Pitt clearly having a ball. As for how high ‘Once Upon a Time…’ ranks in the list of Tarantino’s films? At the top of my list I'm still placing 'Pulp Fiction’, ‘Inglourious Basterds’, ‘Kill Bill’ and 'Jackie Brown' (the film it's most reminiscent of in its character-based meandering).

But, run-time aside, it’s a fun film for movie and TV nerds, Tarantino nuts and anyone who loves to be totally immersed in a fabulously realised, richly detailed alternate universe.Hide

Tarantino’s love letter to the rise and fall of the TV Cowboy. Deliberately soaks in the era, and takes you on a trip down a memory lane you probably aren’t old enough to remember.

A cracking finale that reminded me of another Tarantino final reel; with all the painstaking attention to accuracy, it’s still pure escapism.

BY filmlover superstar

If you love Tarantino this one is for you. For anyone else it may be too long and sprawling. Di Caprio once again shines so brightly he almost eclipses Pitt but together they are at the heart of this story of Hollywood in the 'Summer of love'. The third wheel in this story is Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate and she just doesn't have the icy blonde cool needed for that part but the other little cameos are fun including Luke Perry in his last role before he died. Be prepared for a long movie that... More could have been more sharply edited, but the look of thing is beautiful and that alone is worth the price of a ticket.Hide