Good Boys

Good Boys


Comedy follows a tween trio though a series of misadventures in the lead-up to their first kissing party with the opposite sex. What starts as a simple effort to learn how to kiss takes three young boys (including Room's Jacob Tremblay) on an escalating F-bomb-laced mission with detours into sex toys, shoplifting and drug buys. From the producers of Superbad.

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  • Good Boys has an endless fascination with hearing preteens curse. Is it funny the first and fourth and seventh time? Sure. Does the novelty wear off? A bit. Full Review

  • Good Boys is a good time. Full Review

  • "Good Boys" is fast-paced and energetic, but its bad-taste humor seldom rises above the pedestrian. Full Review

  • It banks on your cruelty, which might be interesting if the movie acknowledged its meanness and didn't smother it in the requisite late-act sentimental blather about friendship, family and so on. Full Review

  • The best and worst thing about this talk-dirty, feel-good attempt to be 'Superbad, Jr' is that it feels like it was written and directed by the 12-year-olds at its center. Full Review

  • At this point, after Superbad and Booksmart, we've hit upon a formula: dorky, essentially sweet-natured kids getting into R-rated trouble scored to DJ Shadow's "Nobody Speak." Full Review

  • Some might want to leave the theatre and file a lawsuit. I stayed and laughed. It's funny because it's abominable. Full Review