Gemini Man

Gemini Man


Who will save you from yourself?

Will Smith is an ageing hitman who becomes the target of a mysterious enemy who turns out to be a younger, faster clone of himself in this sci-fi action thriller from two-time Oscar winner Ang Lee (Life of Pi).

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  • ...a visually stunning, sporadically awkward, slight bit of popcorn entertainment that will engage those forgiving of style over substance. Full Review

  • The digital novelty is striking for the first 10 minutes, silly for the next 10 minutes, and by the end of the movie you're pining for the analogue values of script and direction. Full Review

  • As impressive as the two Will Smiths trick is, you'll be just as aware of the movie's hoary script and a fist-gnawingly awful turn by Clive Owen as the villain. Full Review

  • Come for the technical innovations, stay for... hmm. Two Will Smiths for the price of one just ain't worth it. Full Review

  • It gives you two Will Smiths for the price of one, but you still might feel ripped off by its clunky dialogue, thin characters and underwhelming action. Encourage your younger clone to avoid it. Full Review

  • Its old action-movie trappings, the quaintness of it, cannot be reconciled with its ultra contemporary execution. Full Review

  • Gemini Man's potentially interesting premise - of a man who is literally forced to confront his younger self - has been through so many iterations over the course of the past 20 years, it's had the life sucked out of it. Full Review