Final Score (2018)

Final Score (2018)


It's all about to kick off.

Dave Bautista is an takes on terrorist kidnappers at a soccer match in this Scott Mann-directed (Heist) action thriller co-starring Pierce Brosnan.... More

When heavily armed terrorists infiltrate a stadium packed with 35,000 football fans, ex-soldier Michael Knox (Bautista) is forced to use his military background to save the spectators, among whom is a fallen comrade's daughter.Hide

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  • It's let down by lapses into cliché and by simply not being audacious enough with its action set-pieces. Full Review

  • Bautista has the low-key charisma, natural appeal and formidable physicality necessary for an action star, and he makes Final Score worth watching (at home while eating pizza and drinking beer, preferably) despite its endlessly derivative elements. Full Review

  • Working from a script by Jonathan Frank, David T. Lynch and Keith Lynch, Mann proves equally efficient at action and drama. Full Review

  • Final Score puts a cheeky British spin on the set-up, and it's hard not to smile when an American character gets thumped for calling the sport soccer instead of football. Full Review

  • The conceit here is that the fans have no idea that terrorists are in the stadium. They may be irritated that their mobile phones don't work but are too busy watching the game to notice the killers in their midst. Full Review

  • Dave Bautista goes full Van Damme in a Sudden Death-alike action movie that's better than it has any right to be. Full Review

  • Possibly the least political movie about terrorism ever made, "Final Score" has no ambitions beyond pure escapism, and it meets its humble goal. Full Review