Black and Blue

Black and Blue


Naomie Harris is a rookie cop being pursued by corrupt colleagues after accidentally filming them murdering a drug dealer in this crime thriller.... More

A rookie Detroit African-American female cop stumbles upon corrupt officers murdering a drug dealer - an act she inadvertently captures on her body cam. In order to destroy the footage, the killers pursue her through the night with the help of a dangerous gang who now believes that she's the one behind the dealer's death.Hide

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  • Too often, the suspense dissipates between action scenes when it should be consistent and relentless, even in the quietest moments. Full Review

  • "Black and Blue" feels imbalanced and overlong, favouring fast and repetitive chase scenes over well-calibrated tension. Full Review

  • This cheesy thriller is the quattro formaggi of cop films. Full Review

  • This taut, disposable chase thriller has its share of cheesy plot twists and cardboard supporting characters, but for the most part the film follows the lead of its no-nonsense star Naomie Harris. Full Review

  • Not even the considerable talents of the ever watchable Naomie Harris can elevate Black And Blue above the broad and generic. The result is sadly aggressively formulaic. Full Review

  • Sometimes genre entertainment can illuminate troubling realities better than more earnest and self-seriously realistic films, and "Black and Blue" belongs to that tradition. Full Review

  • Noble intentions are up against dog-eared cliches and frustratingly, it's a battle that too often leads to us, the audience, losing. Full Review