A Dog's Journey

A Dog's Journey


Some friendships transcend lifetimes.

Josh Gad and Dennis Quaid return for the sequel to the heartwarming family drama, A Dog's Purpose, based on W. Bruce Cameron's novel.... More

When Bailey's (voiced by Gad) new playmate CJ (Kathryn Prescott) is taken away by CJ's mother (Betty Gilpin. TV's Glow), Bailey makes an oath to protect her at any cost.Hide

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  • It quietly boosts a message of resilience and self-belief to young girl audiences, advising them that it's always a smarter move to love nice boys and dogs rather than abusive jerks and pet haters. Full Review

  • Only its restlessness feels novel, tailored as it is to wet-nosed viewers made distractible by hours of scrolling through floof-centric Instagram feeds. Full Review

  • It's preposterous, not half as much fun as last time and, crucially, not at all sad. Full Review

  • A steady stream of corn-syrup sentiment binding what would otherwise amount to a feature-length montage of adorable doggy reaction GIFs. Full Review

  • It's about halfway through the film when one realises how much deeper Mancuso and team are going with this dog's journey... It's about how dogs can fill the hole in your heart that a person might leave. Full Review

  • I suppose it's a genuine achievement that a movie packed with as much delightful canine (and agreeable human) talent as this one should be so insufferable. Full Review

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