47 Metres Down: Uncaged

47 Metres Down: Uncaged


Four backpackers go diving in a ruined underwater city that they learn to be infested with man-eating sharks in this survival horror sequel.

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  • Set disbelief aside, and primal phobias may well suffice to get you happily to the other side of this adventure. Full Review

  • The action is unclear and the menace unconvincing. The tin-eared dialogue - of which there is a shocking amount, for a movie set largely underwater - doesn't help either. Full Review

  • As an unrelated sequel to a film that was originally set to premiere on the bottom shelf of a supermarket, this is better than it needs to be. Full Review

  • There's little in "47 Metres Down: Uncaged" that really sticks. The shocks, however, are consistently well-timed, and for the audience that seeks out a movie like this one that's probably enough. Full Review